About DEWS

DEWS is a progressive end-of-service benefits scheme for expatriate workers.

It has been introduced within the DIFC to restructure the currently defined employee benefit scheme into a funded, professionally-managed and defined contribution plan. This will align with international standards.

DEWS also offers employees working in the DIFC a voluntary savings plan, allowing them to secure their financial future with ease.

With DEWS participating employers will:


Attract and retain the best talent into the region. DEWS offers employees the ability to earn returns on their benefit through a regulated plan.


Create greater cash flow certainty with EOSB entitlements spread over their employees’ tenure.


Have access to a world class cost-effective, professionally managed EOSB that they can offer their employees.


Have clarity on their EOSB liabilities at all times, with assurance of no further financial obligations once the contributions have been made.

And members will:


Have visibility of their EOSB entitlement.


Have their contributions professionally managed in a cost-effective manner with the opportunity to earn investment returns.


Have choice and flexibility when it comes to managing their savings, catering to different risk appetites, inclusive of Sharia compliant options.


Benefit from the facility to make voluntary savings on top of their employers’ contributions to secure their long term savings goals.

The DEWS panel of experts

DEWS is built by award-winning expert institutions who have come together to bring you a world-class solution.


As the DEWS Master Trustee, Equiom's primary function will be to act as the independent legal owner of the contributions made by the employing companies within the DIFC. This will ensure the beneficial ownership lies with the underlying members (employees).

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Zurich Workplace Solutions (ZWS) will provide support to employers and employees through the administration and management of the new DEWS plan. This includes enrolment, management of contributions, enablement of the investment process and administering withdrawals. They will make available an online portal where employers and employees will have real-time access to plan information. ZWS will also provide support through a DIFC based support team and contact centre.

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As the investment adviser, Mercer brings an independent, tried and tested investment process to the Master Trustee of the DEWS Scheme. This will enable strong, reliable investment performance for DEWS members.

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Clear oversight for DEWS through the DIFC Supervisory Board

Its purpose: The DIFC Supervisory Board will be a statutory corporation established by the President of the DIFC.

Its mission: The primary objective will be to oversee the establishment of the DEWS Master Trust, the scheme rules and the appointment of its trustee. The DIFC Supervisory Board will provide oversight of the scheme’s governance and commercial aspects that are not subject to regulatory supervision.

Its members: To ensure the interests of the employers and employees are protected, it will comprise DIFC Authority representatives, a DIFC employer like you and a DIFC employee, together with an independent chairperson.