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This section is all about how DEWS will help you secure your financial future – here, learn all about your investment options, how to choose funds and how you can voluntarily contribute to your DEWS pot.

Building your retirement pot – some common myths and the reality

“I am an expat – I won’t be here long.” – People are living here for longer than they plan for.

“I’m entitled to a 'Gratuity' payment.” – This payment will not be enough for retirement.

“Savings are not tax incentivized” – You are saving for your own future and that’s the biggest incentive!

The other side of this reality is what employees want:

Security: My savings should be held in trust and separated from my employer

Great value:No cost of joining and no cost of leaving

Ease: Contributions made directly from pay

Visibility: I can see my savings building-up on-line, via a portal

Clear choices: Gateway to a range of funds that recognizes that each employee is different

This is the right time to start your additional voluntary contributions via salary deductions with DEWS and enjoy all five benefits shown above. This will help you save towards and meet your future financial goals faster. You can download the Voluntary Contribution form here.

Get all information and details about your DEWS funds

Explore and learn all about your DEWS funds and investment details.

Explore tools to further your knowledge of savings and investment

Looking for DEWS funds and investment related information? You can download the Mercer Investment guide here. For more details on funds, click here.

Build financial wellbeing with DEWS

Savings and investments with DEWS

All about the Accrued End of Service Benefit Transfers

If you have any queries on the transfer process, you can all the information here.

Also check the following tools for more information.


When planning for the future it is important to consider all eventualities, even those that we think might never happen to us.

The DEWS online portal provides the functionality for employees to nominate multiple beneficiaries online, with varying percentages, and the ability to amend these details as often as they would like. The beneficiaries nominated will be the individual(s) employees would wish to receive the value of their DEWS account in the unfortunate event of their death. Where no nomination exists in the DEWS online portal Sharia law will apply.

Here’s how to nominate your beneficiary:

  1. Sign in to your DEWS account
  2. Visit ‘Account’ and select ‘Expression of Wish’
  3. Click ‘Add new’ to open up a submission form, complete and finalise by clicking ‘Update’. You can complete this as many times as you wish but please remember that your percentages must always be whole numbers and must add up to 100%

The answer is funds. A fund is made up of investments bought with money contributed by people like you. It is managed by a professional fund manager on your behalf. They manage the fund by buying and selling assets – such as stocks and shares, fixed interest and cash.

Not all funds are the same. You can choose which type of investment strategy suits you, based on your risk appetite and the fund associated with it. The funds hold different assets and offer different levels of risk.

A fund manager oversees the fund and makes decisions about which assets it should hold, in what quantities and when they should be bought and sold. For DEWS this fund manager is Mercer.

To know what funds are available to you on the DEWS plan, click here.

There are several benefits:

  • A team of professional fund managers manage these investments for you
  • Less administration as the fund manager work on your behalf
  • There are a range of tailored funds to suit your investment preferences and appetite for risk/reward
  • You can track your fund performance online and make changes to your investments online
  • You get access to these funds at a lower cost because of the size of the DEWS plan
  • Mercer, the DEWS Investment Advisor, will be actively monitoring these funds on your behalf to make sure you get the best out of them

There is no guarantee that values will always increase and the value of your pot could fall as well as rise. We have included a short description of the investment options below and you can find out more about all of the DEWS fund choices at Mercer’s investment site.

To start with, all your money is invested in the DEWS Low to Moderate Risk strategy. This is the default investment option that has been selected by Equiom as advised by Mercer. You can remain in this strategy or choose to switch to other strategies, using your online account.

Remember, choosing investment options isn’t for everyone. The DEWS Low to Moderate Risk strategy has been selected as the default to provide a combination of long-term growth and aims to minimise ups and downs.

DEWS gives you access to a range of strategies whose underlying funds cover various asset classes and attitudes to risk. This gives you a simple, straightforward way to help you achieve your DEWS financial goals.

The five strategies available are clearly labelled to reflect different attitudes to risk and potential for ups and downs. You can select the one closest to how you feel about risk. If you are unsure about how you feel about investment risk, please take a look at our simple risk profiler to get a better idea or seek your own independent financial advice.

For those looking for an Islamic investment option, there are Sharia compliant funds that has been carefully selected to meet your needs.

Through your online account, you will be able to review your savings and switch your funds. By switching your funds you will change the way your current savings are invested as well as how future contributions will be invested upon receipt.

There are several layers of checks and balances built in to safeguard your money. Mercer’s team of professionals will be monitoring each of the investment funds.

In addition as advised by Mercer, the DEWS Master Trustee, Equiom, will conduct regular reviews of both the performance of your DEWS plan and the managers who invest your money on your behalf.

Finally, the DEWS Supervisory Board will be overseeing the performance of the DEWS plan and ensuring international standards are being met. You can rest assured that all participating entities are regulated and fully authorised by the DFSA.

An investment’s value will go up and down over time - no-one can be sure what it will do over a short period, but over the longer term you could expect it to increase. Generally, those investments that can go up the most can also fall the most. When deciding on any investment strategy, you need to be aware of all the risks involved in investing. Equiom, Zurich and Mercer are not permitted to provide personal financial advice. The underlying investment options may be changed by Equiom under certain circumstances.

DEWS is a workplace savings plan run in members’ interests. We work really hard to make sure that you get the best value solution in the market while ensuring that your money is protected.

A small percentage of the value of your DEWS pot will be deducted to cover the cost of managing your plan. If you choose to transfer your money to other funds the charge may vary. You will find the details of specific fund charges on the relevant fund factsheet.

You can put extra money into your DEWS plan without committing to increasing your monthly contributions. Called DEWS Booster, they can add up to help you hit your future financial goals. Speak to your HR department to understand how you can make these contributions via your employer’s payroll system.

A quick example for you

It is important to make your savings a priority and setting the money aside through workplace savings when you first get paid is a great way to make this happen. You shouldn’t wait to save your money until after you’ve paid your monthly expenses and bought everything you wanted. If you do this, you're unlikely to save as much as you should or want to. Pay into your savings first. DEWS helps you do this by working directly with your employer’s payroll system.

When you get a pay raise or salary increase, make sure you think about increasing your DEWS contributions too. That extra income not only helps you feel rewarded at work, but it may make life a little bit easier in the future. If you’re working on financial goals like investing for your future, an increase in your monthly DEWS savings can help you accomplish those goals faster.

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