All about your DEWS funds

Your DEWS plan gives you access to a range of risk profile investment funds from which you can select one, or a combination, that most suits your risk profile. If you do not make an active investment choice your contributions will be invested into the default fund which is the 'Low/Moderate Growth Fund'. The default fund has been selected for you by the plan Trustee.

To find out more about your investment options, explore our Fund Centre, Investment Guide and Fund Factsheets below.

When you choose to save – through a workplace savings plan - your contributions will be invested in a fund, with a view to growing your money

An investment fund is made up of investments bought with money from a number of individual investors.

The individual investors choose which type of fund to invest in, based on the types of assets it holds, and the level of risk.

A fund manager oversees the fund and makes the decisions about which assets it should hold, in what quantities and when they should be bought and sold.

The DEWS plan offers a core range of five risk-profiled funds. These funds are designed such that they offer sufficient diversification across the risk and return (reward) spectrum, allowing employees to choose an option suitable for their particular circumstances. The core range has also been kept deliberately manageable in terms of the number of choices, with each choice being clearly labelled so that employees who want to make a choice can easily understand their options and understand the difference between each fund.

The chart shows the relative levels of expected risk and return for each of the core risk profiled funds. Please note that this is an indicative stylised example for illustrative purposes only and does not imply or offer any guarantee.

If you have not selected your own investment strategy through the DEWS online portal, your contributions will automatically be invested in the DEWS plan’s default fund– the Low/Moderate Growth Fund. The default fund was selected by the Master Trustee after consideration of a variety of relevant factors, including an assessment of international best practice. The fund is expected to be suitable for employees saving for a short to medium time horizon, with low to medium willingness or ability to take risk.

In addition to the core risk profile fund range, we also have Sharia funds available. These are Sharia compliant options which allow employees the flexibility to tailor their investment choices in line with their Islamic religious beliefs.

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There are several benefits to investing in funds, rather than choosing individual assets or investments:

  • The fund manager picks investments for you.
  • Less administration as the fund manager does it all for you.
  • Can be cheaper than buying investments individually.
  • More choice and, as part of a group of investors, access to a wider range of investment opportunities.

More about choosing the right funds for you

Before investing, you should also decide what your attitude to risk is