Shaping and revolutionizing your End of Service Benefits

November 2023  



Adam Watterson

Interim Senior Executive Officer Zurich Workplace Solutions


Since day one with DEWS, you have been at the heart of everything we do. And we have always leveraged technology to innovate intuitive and seamless solutions so that you can take control of your future effortlessly.

I’m proud to let you know that our continuous endeavours have been recognized by the industry – we’ve won four prestigious awards.

Along with your trust, DIFC and the Dubai Government’s confidence, now we also have the industry leaders’ seal of recognition as the definitive end of service solution provider in the region.

With DEWS, let’s drive the change.


The journey so far

From helping employers attract top global talent to making our members optimize their end of service benefits, we’re always listening to you to deliver whats best for you.

Here, take a look at our journey together.




Mercer (1)

Investment update from Mercer

Learn about your fund performance and recent market outlook.


Update from Equiom, the Master Trustee

Chris Cain, Client Services Director, Equiom Fiduciary Services (Middle East) Limited shares the latest DEWS Plan updates.


Attention employers – we’ve improved your monthly upload process!


Uploading your monthly contribution file is simpler - access a pre-populated file, which has all your data from last month but with this months payroll dates!


Simply review the employees and contributions in the file, make any amendments, before you upload it.

Note: you can only edit or delete contributions before they are paid.

Employers - Review your Ultimate Beneficial Owner details

Review your current details under the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) declaration page and update accordingly at your earliest convenience if any changes have been made to the information that you previously have shared.

It is essential for you to maintain and declare the most up-to-date Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) information to meet ongoing compliance with the DEWS plan requirements.

Protect yourself from anti-phishing activities

Your privacy and security are a top priority. We urge you to practice caution when you receive emails that look suspicious, and instructions detailed in such messages. Ask yourself:

  • Do you know who sent you this email?
  • Are you sure it’s from them? (check the sending address)
  • Do they normally send you emails like this with attachments?
  • Where is that link really taking you?

Other signs malicious signs to look for:

  • Shortened URLs.
  • Messages from friends you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Advertisements for items that sound “too good to be true”.
  • Rewards from the company’s internal systems.

Remember, we, as part of your DEWS team will never exchange passwords or bank account details in email.


Need more information and tips?

Whether you’re an employer or a plan member, we’ve curated helpful content for every aspect of DEWS on our website.

From guides, FAQs, forms and investment-related details, visit the website to find more information about DEWS and how to make the most of it.

Download the app

With the Zurich Workplace Savings member app you can

  • check your valuation
  • manage your investments,
  • and even nominate your beneficiaries.

If you haven’t already, download the app now to get all your DEWS details on the go.


We commit to keeping you up to date with our performance and market news. Remember, our team is by your side in this journey to keep you Ready For Life.