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Introducing the new ‘Savings Scheme for employees in the Government of Dubai’


Everything you need to know about DEWS

Your plan

The DEWS plan is a progressive end of service benefits plan that was introduced by the DIFC in 2020. The first of its kind in the region, DEWS allows employers to fully fund their end of service benefits into a regulated and governed plan to protect employee rights.

DEWS has been chosen by the Government of Dubai as the mechanism to deliver the ‘Savings Scheme for employees in the Government of Dubai’ initiative.





The vision

The DEWS plan will ensure the interests of Government employers and employees, support Dubai’s strategy to become a leading global talent hub and a place to live, work, invest and retire, and help towards a secure financial future for all. 

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According to Decree No.(46) of 2022, the scope of the application is as follows:

  • The entities governed by Law No. (8) of 2018 Concerning Management of the Government of Dubai Human Resources;
  • The entities stated in the list attached to Decree No. (46) of 2022, Entities Governed by the Provisions of the Decree; and
  • Any of the Government Entities or other entities to which the application of this Decree is extended pursuant to a resolution issued in this respect by the Chairman of the Executive Council.



* This is a new and developing initiative. See our FAQs for the latest updates.





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Getting started is easy

1. Register for DEWS

Complete your DEWS registration in 3 simple steps. The process is digital, paperless and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. We’ll send the registration link to your company representatives.

2. Account creation

Once we have received your registration application, we’ll create a DEWS account for your company, and you’ll receive your login credentials for the DEWS online portal within a few days.

3. Deed of participation

The enrolment will be regulated by a participation agreement concluded between the entity and the Master Trustee of the plan. For entities legally independent from the Government of Dubai, their authorized signatory will receive an email, and this will contain a link to digitally sign our Deed of Participation which is the legal agreement to participate in DEWS. DOF may sign the participation agreement on behalf of certain entities.


4. Set-up tasks

All that’s left to do is log in, complete the set-up task list and explore the portal. You can start your employee enrolment next (see below).



Enrolling your employees



A non-UAE National civilian employee who is receiving a basic salary, in an entity, including any non-UAE National employee of a Judicial Authority or any employee who is issued with initial approval by the Ruler to be granted UAE nationality and who holds a valid UAE passport


The Government will outline the implementation plan for the enrolment of employees.

Enrolment will be phased by seniority and on specific dates set by TEC.


Employee enrolment is completed by uploading a monthly file template in .csv format containing your employee’s personal data. We’ve designed a training guide and videos that explain where to find this template, how to complete it, where and when to submit it, and what you and your employees can expect.



* This is a new and developing initiative. See our FAQs for the latest updates.




How much you need to pay

The amount that an entity has to pay to an employee on account of their contributions should be calculated in accordance with legislation, regulation, or internal policy to which an entity is subject to.

The amount must be transferred by the entity to the DEWS plan, as a lump sum or monthly percentage of salary in return for enrolment in the plan.

For the purpose of calculating Contributions, a part of a month will be rounded up to a full month unless the human resources legislation applicable to the entity stipulates otherwise.


Making contribution payments


A unique account for you

Paying your contributions is easy. You can find your unique bank details for payment in your DEWS online portal on the upload page. 

You then just need to instruct the payment with your bank. We don’t accept cash, cheques, or direct debits. We’ll never send bank details by email.

Payment currency

In the upload file, you’ll provide contribution values in AED and the payment must be made in AED. To ensure we can allocate the full amount to each of your employees, your company must cover any bank transfer charges.

Set a monthly reminder

There is a deadline each month for you to upload your contribution file and make your payment. In DEWS currently, this is the 21st of the month following the payroll cycle. This means we expect upload and payment for July’s contributions before 21st August.

We send email reminders along the way to help you.



* This is a new and developing initiative. See our FAQs for the latest updates.




Stand out from the crowd

Enhance your DEWS plan features to retain and attract the best talent



Financial control

With your support your employees can choose to make additional voluntary contributions to DEWS through salary deduction. This is a great way to encourage employees to make the most of DEWS and to take full control of their financial future.



There is a facility for employers and employees to mutually agree to consolidate all historic and new end-of-service benefits, together in DEWS by transferring the accrued entitlements whilst employees are in service.

If accruals will remain with employers, they shall be transferred to employees’ DEWS accounts when they resign.

Speak to us for more details.



* This is a new and developing initiative. See our FAQs for the latest updates.




Sometimes things change...

If basic salary changes, you should:

Adjust your accrual for any historical accrued gratuity

  • If the employee is entitled to an accrued gratuity under any previous end of service gratuity legislative provisions, ensure you adjust your accrual to reflect the latest drawn salary.

Adjust your DEWS payments going forward

  • You should also ensure that your monthly DEWS contribution is updated to reflect the new salary from the salary change payroll cycle onwards.


What happens if...


An employee leaves

You’ll let us know through your monthly upload file by telling us their last working day ‘Exit date’, final contribution and update their residential address and personal email address. We’ll then contact the employee to let them know their options and help them with their withdrawal if they don’t wish to stay invested.

An employee moves from one Government company to another

The employee will be marked as a ‘leaver’ from their current plan and will be enrolled into DEWS again under their new employer where a new account will be created. This approach may differ depending on your HR’s internal laws.


Loss of life occurs

We’re here to support you and your colleagues. Contact us by email and we’ll liaise with the Trustee to begin the beneficiary claim process.

An employee leaves and is re-hired by our company

You’ll enrol the employee into your plan in the normal way and a new account will be created for them. You’ll need to let us know that you’re doing this in advance as we might need to update their old account to allow their new one to be created.



Our FAQ covers a few more ‘what if…’ questions.

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Your Zurich Learning Academy

Articles, videos and guides to help you administer and make the most of DEWS


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The DEWS Service Providers



Useful Documents


Employers - all the guides, templates and documents you need to administer your plan



If you would like further information or support, visit our FAQ’s & Documents page or use the Help Centre.