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Leaving DEWS

This section will give you information about what happens to your DEWS pot if you decide to leave your job.

DEWS is built to help you maximize your workplace savings potential. That’s why you will have complete flexibility if you happen to leave your DIFC employment, move within the DIFC or leave the UAE.

You will get all important and relevant information on staying invested in DEWS, the withdrawal process and Death in service.

Staying invested

Should you wish to remain invested upon leaving service you can do so and no action is required. Leave your funds invested and manage your DEWS account online until such time as you choose to withdraw.

You are not forced to leave the market at an undesirable time.

You can continue to benefit from any investment growth.

You can continue to manage your account online and make changes to your investments.


Employees are permitted to withdraw from the DEWS plan upon termination of service should they wish to do so. They may also choose to remain invested. The current withdrawal process is as follows:

The employer notifies DEWS of a terminating employee by entering an ‘Exit Date’ in the upload file containing the employee’s final contribution.

DEWS sends an automated email to the employee, once the upload file is successful, confirming that they are eligible to withdraw their benefits.

Should the employee wish to withdraw they can contact DEWS for withdrawal requirements, but should they wish to remain invested no further action is required.

If a withdrawal is requested the withdrawal requirements will be sent to the employee at that stage to ensure the most up-to-date requirements are shared. The current requirements for withdrawal are:

Once suitable documentation has been received by DEWS and all final contributions have been applied to the employee’s account our team will begin processing the disinvestment.

Once monies are received back from the disinvestment they will be sent to the employees nominated bank account, as noted on the withdrawal form, by bank transfer. Any bank charges will be deducted from the payment i.e. they are borne by the employee.

Death in Services

In the unfortunate event of the death of an employee, the following process will apply where the employee still holds assets within the DEWS plan:

DEWS is notified of the employee’s death either by the employer or the beneficiary(ies)

This information is then passed onto the Master Trustee to gather the appropriate documents, which are*:

Once all necessary documentation has been received and approved by the Master Trustee the account value will be dis-invested.

Once monies are received back from the disinvestment they will be sent to the beneficiaries nominated bank account by bank transfer. Any bank charges will be deducted from the payment i.e. they are borne by the beneficiary.

* The requirements for withdrawals and death in service may be subject to change

When you end your employment with a DIFC based company, you must decide what to do with your DEWS plan.

  • You can leave your savings within the DEWS plan and continue to manage your investments. You can also continue to track your investment performance no matter where you are in the world using the online portal.
  • You can withdraw your money and close your DEWS account. We will transfer the value to your bank account anywhere in the world in any freely available currency.*

This flexibility means that while your time with the DIFC may be at an end, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop benefiting from the DEWS plan.

*Subject to banking charges.

If you are moving to another DIFC based company the value of your DEWS workplace savings pots can be paid to you or you can leave it where it is to continue growing. You can track your new and old DEWS pot through the same online portal.

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