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Leaving DEWS

This section will give you information about what happens to your DEWS pot if you decide to leave your job.

When you end your employment with a DIFC based company, you must decide what to do with your DEWS plan.

  • You can leave your savings within the DEWS plan and continue to manage your investments. You can also continue to track your investment performance no matter where you are in the world using the online portal.
  • You can withdraw your money and close your DEWS account. We will transfer the value to your bank account anywhere in the world in any freely available currency.*

This flexibility means that while your time with the DIFC may be at an end, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop benefiting from the DEWS plan.

*Subject to banking charges.

If you are moving to another DIFC based company the value of your DEWS workplace savings pots can be paid to you or you can leave it where it is to continue growing. You can track your new and old DEWS pot through the same online portal.

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It provides more information about the DEWS plan and how it can work for you