DEWS members, are you saving for your retirement?

Did you know that the vast majority of employees in the UAE believe that their gratuity is an inadequate method of saving for their retirement years?

And that’s not all, a third of employees have already spent it, indicating that they will use it to pay-off outstanding debt…

…so, what’s the best and right way to save for retirement?

We have found that the best way to save is through the workplace by salary deduction. This way you will save before spending, build a comfortable retirement pot and reach financial independence faster!

Start your additional voluntary contributions with DEWS and pay your future self, first!

80% UAE employees

believe gratuity will not be enough for the future.*

Almost 3 out of 10

employees will spend their gratuity to pay off debt!

*Found in a Zurich survey

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How is DEWS different?

Zurich Workplace Solutions (Middle East) Limited (ZWS), a part of Zurich Middle East, focuses on solutions for employers and employees in the workplace. As the administrator for DEWS (DIFC Employees Workplace Savings Plan), we have helped 1,100 employers and more than 16,000 employees onboard on the plan, we continue to help the DIFC community to onboard, start their contributions and raise awareness about workplace savings.

We’re here to make sure that every employer in the Middle East has access to a range of savings solutions. True to our ambition, we offer our help to make a real difference to the financial well-being and future of your people and your business with:

  • Voluntary contributions through DEWS Booster
  • Easy access to fund related past performance information
  • Information about investment and investing styles

Explore how DEWS will help you take control of your future in a cost-effective and hassle-free way.